Locotranssped Sp. z o.o. providing international distribution services of fresh and frozen products provides partial and full truckloads while maintaining the required temperature conditions. 

Thanks to our own modern fleet and a highly-developed fleet of subcontractors we can always on time, in 28 European countries, and at the highest level fulfil our client's orders, both in terms of full and partial truckloads which require controlled temperature conditions ranging from -25 ° C to 30 ° C. All means of transport are designed for the transport of food products, and the drivers have all the appropriate permits. 


Specification of trailers:


  • DoppelStock,
  • MultiTemperature,
  • thermograph + printer,
  • from 33 to 66 pallets to exchange,
  • cargo space height: 270 cm,
  • ATP certificate


Permits and certificates:

  • HACCP,
  • ISO,
  • Cat. 3.

Many years of our experience guarantee the safety of your cargo and timely deliveries, which is crucial in the case of transporting food products as they require controlled temperature conditions.



full truck loads
in year 2015

5 and 6

emissions standards
in our trucks

- 25 to + 25

transport temperature




Branch in Poznan

Locotranssped o/Poznań
st. ABP. Antoniego Baraniaka 88a bud. B
61-131 Poznań
tel. +48 612 793 500

Branch in Szczecin

Locotranssped o/Szczecin
st. Storrady- Świętosławy 1b/36
71-602 Szczecin
tel. 537 820 610

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