• FMCG

    A professional system managing the fleet allows us to control the transport of goods from the moment of receiving the cargo until the moment of its delivery. The experience and knowledge regarding FMCG sector allows us to offer comprehensive logistics services with a special focus on: responsiveness, timeliness of delivery, flexibility, development of distribution channels... More

  • Food Products

    A modern fleet which meets the requirements of the European emission standards EURO5, young fleet, modern trailers that control and maintain transport temperature from - 25 ° to 25 ° Celsius – all this allows us to always transport your goods safely and without any problems... More

  • Electronics

    We serve customers who represent an electromechanical industry. Many of our domestic and foreign clients use our wide range of transport services to transport the following products: electronics, household articles, small household appliances, heating and air conditioning appliances, tools, audio and video devices, accessories... More

  • Dangerous goods

    We provide international and domestic transport services of dangerous goods which are defined as follows: "Dangerous goods are materials and objects whose carriage under the transport regulations is prohibited or allowed only under the conditions specified in these regulations."... More

  • Pharmaceuticals

    We guarantee professionalism and experience in transporting pharmaceuticals in controlled temperature conditions (from -25 ° C to 30 ° C). We are authorized to transport all groups of medicines... More

  • Automotive

    We have specialized equipment, among other things: mega trailers and trailers for transporting tires. Our experience allows us to create favourable and effective solutions for the supply chain of the automotive sector... More


full truck loads
in year 2015

5 and 6

emissions standards
in our trucks

- 25 to + 25

transport temperature




Branch in Poznan

Locotranssped o/Poznań
st. ABP. Antoniego Baraniaka 88a bud. B
61-131 Poznań
tel. +48 612 793 500

Branch in Szczecin

Locotranssped o/Szczecin
st. Storrady- Świętosławy 1b/36
71-602 Szczecin
tel. 537 820 610

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