Locotranssped Sp. z o.o. is a company which has been created with sheer passion and commitment by young people who through their devotion and experience have created a new quality in the field of transport and forwarding services. We are a leading company which provides a full range of logistics services. We specialize particularly in road transport which requires controlled temperature conditions.

Our company provides the highest level of logistics services to both small local producers and large multinational corporations.

Every day our fleet, together with a well-developed structure of subcontractors, serve 28 European countries providing our customers with flexibility and security of supplies which are always on time.

Our experience, hard work and millions of kilometres allow us to enjoy daily successes which include: the view of fresh fruit and vegetables delivered with our trucks and industrial products delivered to numerous supermarkets, wholesalers, etc.


full truck loads
in year 2015

5 and 6

emissions standards
in our trucks

- 25 to + 25

transport temperature




Branch in Poznan

Locotranssped o/Poznań
st. ABP. Antoniego Baraniaka 88a bud. B
61-131 Poznań
tel. +48 612 793 500

Branch in Szczecin

Locotranssped o/Szczecin
st. Storrady- Świętosławy 1b/36
71-602 Szczecin
tel. 537 820 610

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